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      Taizhou Daxiang Rubber Co., Ltd.
      Address: Zhejiang Tiantai County flood three industrial zone
      Tel :0576-83,078,815
      Fax :0576 -83,088,980
      Mobile: 18805765005

      Web site: http://www.taofbe.cn
      E-mail: ttdxxj@163.com
      Post Code: 317 207

             About us

      Taizhou Elephant Rubber Co., Ltd. is located in Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province, Sanhe town, three highway at the exitof foreign head on the distance of two kilometers, and convenient transportation. The company was founded in 1993,specialized in manufacturing all kinds of special rubber hose, conveyor belt, V-belt and other rubber products.
      The company specializes in production of various types of special performance hose, such as high abrasion, sand blasting, sand blasting hose, rows of mud suction hose, oil resistant, acid-resistant suction hose, food hose, especiallylarge diameter hose (inner diameter of 102mm production to 20m).
      Enterprise strict implementation of national and international standards. All employees to strictly implement the "Hingtechnology, strict management, manufacturing first-class products and provide excellent service" quality policy, with thelong-term production capacity of the various types of export products and production of various types of special hose, there is a strong sense of quality and the user is responsible for the spirit of excellence of the product. Company: survival,quality and credibility to seek development in good faith-effective, depending on customer needs as the goal, quality quick service at the new and old customers.

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      Address: Zhejiang Tiantai County flood three industrial zones           Tel£º0576-83078815             Fax£º0576-83088980           Phone£º13305768028 13957658028
      Taizhou elephant Rubber Co., Ltd.        http://www.taofbe.cn       Design: Eglobe Business       Zhejiang ICP 09035314